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About JM


Pastor Jonathan S. G. Mack is a visionary and scholar, motivated for the sake of God to cultivate and provoke a generation into their purpose. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Pastor Mack aims to reach the people of his community and beyond with a message of love and hope. 


By profession he is an educator in the New York City public school system. By vocation he is a Pastor. He founded City of Oasis Church of Deliverance in February 2013, though his public ministry precedes this moment. His life story has been one of perseverance: pressing through a multiplicity of obstacles and setbacks, he has triumphantly emerged. This helped foster his love for people and shaped his approach to ministry. He is known for preaching and teaching on the topic of purpose, provoking people into the investigation of their “why” in life. He believes that a catalyst of dynamic personal change commences when someone comprehends why they exist, so they can embark upon what they should do with their time in life. His holistic approach to ministry focuses on empowering people to possess spiritual, economical, psychological, physical, and social prosperity. Pastor Mack’s ministry hinges on continual evolution of one’s personhood into their best self.


Alongside being a Pastor and educator, his resume includes a musical career, having recorded 2 albums with his choir, as well as being an author. He released The Struggles of the Teenage Saint in 2015. 


About JMM

The vision of Jonathan Mack Ministries (JMM) is to holistically enrich the lives of individuals, both young and old, with tools necessary to realize their purpose and accomplish life goals.


Circle Alliance

The forthcoming “Circle Alliance” is a covenant of youth and young adult leaders who provide support to each other in efforts to sharpen leadership skills, advance abilities to achieve goals, and receive a safe space for open communication. The commitment expectation is for leaders to trust in the “Unbroken and Interconnected” model.

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